Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cool Old Full length Films

Cool old full length films:

Q-Planes: Comedy/Thriller with Laurence Olivier, Valerie Hobson, and Ralph Richardson. 1939
Released in the United States as: Clouds over Europe

Airspeed Envoy aircraft

Above: The Divorce of Lady X (1938

Poster: The Divorce of Lady X

49th Parallel (1941)

Film Poster for 49th Parallel

Brought to you by Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Writing. Sacramento, CA

Above: part of the famous Castle Collection of sculpture. by Farrell Hamann

Sphere sculptures in the home/studio. The one in the foreground is truly huge.

Interior detail pic of large, 25 room castle sculpture.
Collection is available as a turnkey tourist attraction for your location.
"Unique collection" the J. Paul Getty Museum

 Mosaic eggs from the Mosaic Museum Collection
(American version of the Faberge egg) KCRA TV

Asking price is $2,000,000 for the collection which includes the famous mosaic eggs, mosaic sculpture, the castle collection, large sculptures, acrylic paintings, marble toys, etc. Works have gotten a lot of attention in the print media and on television. As a tourist attraction, it should get attention in the travel guides and be of interest to event planners. 

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 Skull with glowing red eyes and a conehead skull dude

Below: Dick Cavett's long interview with Richard Burton on YouTube 

GOP War on Women and Girls 

America's 50 worse charities

The Food Banks are NOT doing Well. The Farrell Hamann Show