Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Creative..

 A dumpster See, the dumpster is waving hi!

Of late, I can't decide if I'm a solid, liquid, plasma, or some other state of matter. Maybe I'm a gas! Detractors would say that I'm just a fart... That would be a gas, however chunky.. 95825 is my Zip Code. Here I linger.

95825 is the Zip Code for my part of the Sacramento, California area and, contrary to what I tell the neighborhood children, there is no old cemetery under this very spot. Not one that I am personally aware of.  What goes on on the surface is enough for me, thank you. One example: I was bringing in the groceries, a really heavy load carried in one hand.  I tripped on the pug dog, careened toward my 7 foot obelisk, and, to save the sculpture, cantilevered the grocery bag out to steer around the obelisk, and wound up in the trauma unit months later.  $77,000.
That very same pug is, at this very moment, clawing me with his lion like toenails because he wants his raw meat. I feed the pugs raw meat, least I can do. Later, I will drench the hotspot on his tail with a 50/50 water, apple cider vinegar solution since that works best. The Vet should know this but, the greedy bastardo sees no money in it even though it works like magic.
Halfway listening to wife talking on phone to the rather unpleasant Jo Ann. Wife ends call by saying: " Sorry to hear about you, Ralph, your mom, and the steam...." The Steam! What Steam? 
Turns out brother got burned on some steam... Oh poor him. Last time was when he got a live steam burn directly on his naked dick... He was hanging a wet towel on his gas heater in Seattle.
 Another live steam burn? Too much.  The God's are trying to tell him something.  Hahaha
I would be more sympthetic to my brother had he not spent his entire youth and adulthood competing with me, spreading falsehoods and warning girls away. He has a sorry, sad case of sibling rivalry. When writing, I refer to him as Garibaldi.

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Disneyland is behind that wall and those banana trees!

 The Mighty Hunter with his pointy war stick

The Great Blue Frog as Art Critic

The California Desert, beware!

California Bird Dude 

Found: Pink Panties Laying on the Steet 

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Best love video ever! 

Stroke Warning Signs. Have a look, please. Face droop on one side? 

Shadow Rat: 

Years ago on one of my infamous "Expage" online accounts, I tried to fool the scientific world by inventing a rat and naming it for my frequently evil ex-girlfriend. I told her about this but she didn't see the humor in it. The rat had her every characteristic down to the bone. I called it the Piernann Rat (remove the extra "n" and you've got it. Also see: "Montecito Cheese Rat" That is my rat too but it has own blog and pic on Google Images. It is the fav pet of the billionaire set in Montecito, Ca which is basically a rich area next to Santa Barbara, CA. Going now to Google the "P" rat to see if there is any lingering trace. Muhahahahaha

Story of The Exalted one

Located in Sacramento, CA near The Kitchen Restaurant

The Farrell Hamann Show: Brain Cleaner 2.0

List of Koch brother's products to boycott (The Benzine Killers)

Save energy, money, and do good for the planet and cut down that noisy Refrigerator from running all the time. Clean those coils. Get a brush like this and share it with a trusted neighbor. A PSA of Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Media Productions. 

Doing anything creative does help you sort out the supportive, indifferent, non-supportive, clued in, clueless and the just plain chickenshit. That's good to know to the extent is is actually possible to know considering that you or I may have defeat inculcated in our brain even before we get started.
In one sense, defeat is taught at Martin Luther King Elementary School and not at Country Day, at least that is the purpose and expectation. The elite, yearn for this to be always the case but, sadly for them, it is not. No. The elite is defeated by the fact that the oppressor must rationalize in some way just to justify their existence while the road ahead for the oppressed is clear thinking.

Using school kids as an example, the rich kid is as creatively hamstrung as the poor kid but a trip wire is build into his or her brain. Even if the rich kids does really well, there will always be that doubt that their skids were greased by advantage rather then work and talent, robbing that kid of the satisfaction of accomplishment. Sad

Americans (in general) really do not like art because it has become a can of worms, with baggage.. games and mannerisms required. Will it become a tool hanging on your wall that some jerk will use to insult you and beat you on the head? (depends who you bring around) Yes it will if you flip up enough rocks or appear vulnerable. That is art in America. Even if the piece is not your own personal effort, there is always that creep out there who will use it to illustrated your lack of taste and sophistication. (like the person who crosses their arms while you have something to say, as if their approval or lack of really meant something).

I usually tell writers that if your writing teacher tells you year after year that you are not "ready" get the Hell out of that class, you're ready. Also, you're not a "primitive" or "art brute" simply because you didn't attend a 9 year graduate art program or study with some dude in Italy. If you fall for that, they have you and you are "owned."

Resistance is not futile

 # Verkragter in Suid-Afrika gekom het om die aandag van kragtige toordokters wat baie kwaad is!# Pasop!

" I have been attacked by Rush Limbaugh on the air, an experience somewhat akin to being gummed by a newt. It doesn't actually hurt, but it leaves you with slimy stuff on your ankle." The Late Molly Ivins #Texas

 I want to know why Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh all look like grubs! Why? Some weird kind of genotype of people who would sell out their country for a penny-farthing? The all remind me a bit of the creeps at the library or coffee shops that stare at my wife when I'm not around. Do they all have a special handshake or password when they meet out in public and pass coded info. among themselves?

Far as I can tell, they are only good at ducking out of useful work and eating other people's chickens.

All remind me of when I lived in Santa Barbara and wanted something from Nancy Reagan's top aid. He was eating lunch at the hotel where her office was. I wanted something and he said no. I had been invited over there on art related business so I was not pleased. Guy was gobbling fried chicken up like he hadn't eaten a meal in weeks! With nothing to lose, I pointed out that maybe eating like that, he was going to kill himself and all his staff laughed. Then he said, "OK" and I got my way. Very curious and he had that same look!

#Love #sculpture by artist/writer Farrell Hamann

Maze by Farrell Hamann. Start @ one end, head for the other side.
Do not mark up the screen on your computer

Seagull craps on Limbaugh's most expensive cigar
Guy possibly peeing on the late Senator Joe McCarthy's grave. Heh Heh!

Wedding Dad

Above: Anti gay right wing GOP homo bashers who turn out to be gay. Eye opening. These guys are repressed and crazy and make life miserable for others. I put Karl Rove among them (just a guess).  (where David Koch lives)
Not enough to label #GMO foods, we must ban them!

  • Paris, France
    Years ago, I inadvertently drove my Velo-Solex through a demonstration in Paris and got stopped by a big shot cop. I think he could tell that I'm a lefty. I basically refused to get off the moped because I hadn't actually committed any crime. What happen though was that, in my nervous energy, I got mud all over his fancy uniform with the front tire of the moped.

    He looked at the mud on his pants and ordered me to get in the Police van. I still refused and played dumb. His translator came over and told me that I had to get in the truck. Being sneaky by nature, I showed her my international driver's license and my Detroit driver's license and said that my dad was a Vice President at General Motors and would send 6 high powered lawyers and the shit would hit the fan. Also I kiss ed the big shot's ass and told the translator how sorry I was but the dry cleaning bill would be nothing to a guy like him. They let me go! 


    Walmart's Spooky Greeters  

     Mia the Pug Dog

    The old rancher